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Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

What is No Schools Life?

No Schools Life is an online learning community where you can find thousands of courses in design, photography, business, and more. New members can start watching free courses for free and premium members have unlimited access to all courses on the platform.

Who is eligible for NoSchools Life affiliate program?

NSL affiliate program is free to join for anybody that has at least one demonstrated channel and audience that is aligned with NSL brand. Channels include: blogs, Facebook groups, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter followers, or email newsletters. All affiliates must create an account through Impact Radius and also have a free NoSchools Life’s account.

How does No Schools Life’s affiliate program work?

Each premium member enrolment from an affiliate, can earn 10 USD, with no payout cap. Affiliates can be tracked in the member area in real time.

How do referral payouts work?

The affiliate will receive a referral commision on the 5th of every month. The commision will be remiited using PayPal.