No Schools Life

Committed to providing members with high quality courses and Teachers can also have a fair reward system

Each month, 50% of No Schools Life Premium Membership revenue goes to our teachers. The other 50% goes towards investing in our mission. Specifically, it helps cover employee expenses (such as salaries and benefits) so that we can build and grow a world-class team to support our community, and technical costs (like server and video hosting), and and marketing budget so that we can keep our platform running smoothly and effectively.

Teacher's Reward's

Based on the teacher's class quality and participation, Pay out fairly and accurately. ​

No Schools Life seeks to reward teachers fairly and accurately based on their level of class quality and engagement. Within the pool, teacher payments are awarded in direct proportion to the number of monthly Premium enrolments in each teacher’s class(es). For example, if 5% of our Premium enrolments for the month of June were in a class you were teaching, you would earn 5% of the total amount in the royalty pool for June.

On NoSchools Life, teachers earn between $1-2 per Premium enrollment. This places an incredibly high value on each enrollment. To put this into context relative to other streaming-based services, if a teacher wanted to make $1,000, they would only have to enroll around 500 students on NoSchools Life, while they would need to reach 167,000 streams on Spotify, or 333,333 on YouTube. 


Referral Program

A fair referral system, Supporting teachers to have a substantial income.

In addition to royalty payments, teachers are able to earn money through our Teacher Referral Program: you will earn $10 for every Premium Membership you refer to NoSchools Life using your unique class referral link located in the “Promote” section of your class creator. 

We also care about every students in the global village

In addition to a fair system for both students and teachers, we will retain 5% of the income so that voluntary teachers can provide free teaching in remote and backward areas in the future, and the cost will be paid by No Schools Life.