Watercolor Color Magic | Basics to Level Up Your Color Expression

15 單元 | 共 00:31:23

1. Intro(00:00:00)

2. Class Project(00:00:00)

3. Supplies(00:00:00)

4. Character: Fox(00:00:00)

5. Color Strategies: Intro(00:00:00)

6. Color Strategies: One Out Of Many(00:00:00)

7. Color Strategies: Semi Rainbow(00:00:00)

8. Color Strategies: Dramastically Gradient(00:00:00)

9. Color Strategies: Light and Shadow(00:00:00)

10. Color Strategies: Atmosphere Color(00:00:00)

11. Basic Technique(00:00:00)

12. Step 1: Paint Roughly(00:00:00)

13. Step 2: Enhance Colors(00:00:00)

14. Step 3: Blend and Smooth Colors(00:00:00)

15. Final(00:00:00)

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About This Class



Let’s together play watercolor with a specific style: Color Journey.

The class content will be arranged as followed:

  • Basic Technique: Watercolor techniques we need in this style.
  • Color Strategies: 5 color strategies that can enhance the color expression of our painting.
  • Painting Process: Clear painting processes that make you easy to learn this watercolor style.

It will be fun to explore this new watercolor style. So let’s get started!


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