Learn Cinema 4D: Low Poly Tree

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1. Introduction(00:00:00)

2. Tree Sketches(00:00:00)

3. Cinema4D Overview(00:00:00)

4. Create Tree Trunk(00:00:00)

5. Create Tree Branches(00:00:00)

6. Create Tree Leaves(00:00:00)

7. Adding Colours(00:00:00)

8. Adding Light(00:00:00)

9. Rendering(00:00:00)

10. Photoshop(00:00:00)

11. Final Thoughts(00:00:00)

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Create a low poly tree in Cinema 4D and then take your finished render into Adobe Photoshop where we will add the finishing touches to the piece!

Through this assignment you will learn:

  • Basic 3D modeling techniques
  • How to add colour to a model
  • How to add lighting to the scene
  • Basic tips and tricks in Adobe Photoshop


Upload your finished tree design! You can also provide some bonus screenshots of your process and tree sketches with any tips that you may have discovered during the creation of your project. Try out different colours and shapes!


I have included both the 3D model for the Cinema 4D file as well as the final Photoshop file here for you to look at. A 3D scene is also available but feel free to create and use your own!

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