Revolution for the learning environment!

Everyone has different learning habits. If you are a new person just entering the society, do you find what you learn in school useless, want to be a leader in the workplace, want to increase your self-confidence, or do you have a busy day after work but do not want to go out? We hope to change this established learning environment, and hope that we can find the excitement we get when learning new knowledge again, and pick up the enthusiasm of modern people for learning.

Embrace every one of you

We believe in a life of fulfillment, greater productivity and creativity, and tolerance for every different type of you. We provide a comfortable working environment, and you can always bring your computer to the environment where you can get inspiration to complete your work; We offer personal benefits that encourage people to strike their own work-life balance.

Welcome to join No Schools Life if you have the same ideal as us and have the desire to learn.