About the company.

About No Schools Life

No Schools Life is an online course authorization platform. Nowadays, in the urban jungle, there are many challenges of the jungle, and the degree can No longer be equated with the income, so the ability is more and more valued. If you are a new comer to the world, do you find that what you learned in school is not useful, want to become a leader in the workplace, want to increase your self-confidence, or do you want to go out at the end of a busy day?

Versatile and Practical courses

Tailor-made The learning environment

Expand your International view

No Schools Life helps you improve your connotation, Attract better people things, let the quality of life better! ​

At No Schools Life, it provides a full range of practical courses including design, business, technology and Life knowledge. Everyone can have their own private tutor in No Schools Life, and effectively learn and improve their ability in the environment they are most familiar with. College No Schools can Life extension yu your world view, learning platform update new information quickly, No Schools can Life a full your learning desire, intuitive and be clear at a glance the operation of the layout, increase course 30 a month, you can always hand learning path.

Tailored learning environment

We believe that everyone has a different learning habit, we have a place for discussion in every course, and you can have unlimited classes, you can learn at your own pace in any comfortable environment.

Elevate yourself! Choose No Schools Life Irreplaceable advantage

Through No Schools Life, you can not only learn a variety of technologies, but also have authorized courses from teachers in different countries. It is not limited to one country. You can know the cultures of different countries, expand the international outlook, strictly control teachers, and integrate with the world.